71 - Smartphones - War of the fanboys 2012

And then there is also Googl€
(that made a fragmented OS, so that $am$ung could install it on the chip design it stole from App£e)

I wish an awesome-ass year 2013 for you all :)
Happy new year.

70 - Only way Romney could have won

I got the idea for this one during the run up to the elections - just couldn't post it soon enough. Yes, I was that sure.

69 - Peter Jackson at 48 frames per second

"Peter, you say that for everything. I'm afraid you are making a hobbit out of it."

All said and done:
1)Perhaps some of you didn't find this one funny, but at 48 frames per second - you would!
2)Put funda for the Yin Yang.

67 - Rajni goes sailing

"Just as scientists gloat about their predictions over the implications of global warming on the climate, a sharp spike in temperatures across NY to Florida have been recorded."

66 - Sachin's slump

Nosey Journo: "Sachin say something new!" Sachin: "That too is upto my bat..." *takes bat and hits it on journos head - THUNK* "..there you go!"

For the record: My heart goes out to both of them. Tough to be surrounded by idiots who are constantly telling you what to do. Fingers crossed for Kolkata.

65 - Talaash - Search for the profile visitors

I later found out that the profile was actually de-activated 3 years ago by three men during a bachelor's party. But its presence stayed on the net and was trying to send me signs so that it could use me to seek revenge on them.

63 - Imagination

"Did you say it's just you and me in his imagination?" "About that, he might be schizophrenic"

62 - Grammar Nazi : Invites

"Na bro..wait, is it ok to say bro? Will that be disgusting now? Like Incesty?"
Statisticians predict a sharp decline in the number of invites I receive from this day forth, especially from those irritated that this strip didn't make any sense.

61 - Cockney

I tried to come up with another (good) original CRS for this caption, but was completely shoestring as to what, so settled for this bad one.
For the record:-
ctrl + a

Shoestring ->  shoelace -> Clueless 
(Yeah yeah, I know I know! I told you I settled for a bad one.)

60 - Dark Knight: If you are good at something

This scene was edited out of  "The Dark Knight" because Nolan thought it might hurt the sentiments of Philanthropists and Saint Gobain

58 - War of Exposes

Breaking news: Kejriwal to set sight on Sherlyn Chopra's creds after Pandey.

57 - Enrique Iglesias at Yuva Dasara

"I asked, I pleaded, I even sang it till your ears bled, but the horror is never too far behind. Please - Don't turn off the..."

56 - What the hack

"...and neither did it happen to anyone on my list. I then knew, this was it."

54 - Probability of getting blocked on Facebook

"USING CAPS" and  "Liking your own posts/comments" come right before "Religious posts"

53 - To win or not to win

"Team, we have to win this one, I can't have another one of those mornings where I can't recall why I'm wearing a pink tutu and lying on the neighbour's terrace with her dog."

52 - Knock Knock

"Dude you look lost"    -     "Well apparently I'm funny, I just don't know it."   -   "Yeah dude, you have the gift, but you are waiting for something"

50 - Adele's cure for coma

"Look at the bright side, Adele now wants to write another sad song about your coma"

49 - Dont let em call you gay

And after I beat you, I'm gonna go have my lavender iced tea at La Rosa

48 - Satyamev Jayate : Season II

In the news next morning: All India Car owners association to boycott Aamir's movies. Says he does SMJ for the money

47 - Overused comments

My next status: "With Fraaands like these who needs subscribers?"
For the record:
5th most overused comment is the heart or a smooch emoticon or  "mwahh".

46 - Sex on the cricket field

"You could have just asked me to go away"  "Yeah, but this was more fun."

45 - Three stooges of love

Note: If you want to restart the cycle there are approx 3 litres of Vodka / 40 litres of beer / 170 shots of tequila (based on your choice of liquor) that are separating the 'post-break' and 'single' stooges.

44 - Employment

On a vacation "I have way too much potential to be getting sloshed in Goa and pretend I went to Vegas"

43 - Good programming practices

"I think I will look at the bright side, I didn't wanna code with my top down anyway"

42 - Insomnia

"I waited 7 hours to fall asleep. Then I lost hope. I thought about my family, my mother, my father, my girlfriend, they were all sleeping so soundly and I was all alone. For the first time in my life, I broke down and started crying....*sob*  *sob*  Excuse me *sob* for *sob* a moment, this is too tough for me to recollect."

For the record:
No offense to the individuals who appear on the actual show. Have nothing but respect for them for coming out stronger through their ordeals.

39 - Sequencing Pigeon pea

"I'll make him run around until he has lost at least 7 kilos before I reject his grant request!"

And we sometimes wonder why we still lag behind in so many areas.

35 - My circle

People with awesome cameras - I'm sorry, couldn't fit you in.
People with awesome cameras - I'm sorry, couldn't fit you in.

33 - Peter Parker and the wise man

"Whoohoow man...that is like...Deeeep bro!! Peace!"

Let that be a lesson to y'all young wanna-be stoners!

32 - Dirty picture

Also in the directive, we have been asked to blur his mouth and play 50 Cents at loud volume in the background to drown out Kohli's words.

31 - Between you me and the whole wide world

"Who told you and why can't people mind their own business? Why is everybody so obsessed with me?"

29 - Feeding techiques

"And who should I call if he refuses to take a bath? Whitney Houston's house maid? Gotcha!"

28 - Red pill blue pill

"If you can still hear me, the red pill was a laxative and it might be kickin in now. You might wanna take it easy!"

Happy April fools day everyone!! :)

27 - Far fetched manifestos

They need to sell their coal mines to pay their bills, meanwhile we will need someone to blame for our incompetency too.

26 - I went to the rally too

So tough to impress fathers these days.

I fight for a cause all the time. I just dunno the cause.

25 - Land of the Kamasutra

"What???"    "Uhhh...I meant for advice"

For the record:

My dear men,
Yes, if you didn't know, go do your homework now. You will thank me someday.

My dear women,
Don't worry, I got your back on this....no pun intended.

24 - Chaos Theory in UK Timeline

And thus reaffirming my belief in Chaos theory: "There is an underlying order to a seemingly random sequence of events"

23 - Social Networking

"And since my parents hate it, I'm definitely gonna try it."   "Attagirl! BTW You mistyped, 'hear' as 'here' "
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