125 - Forced marriages

Boy: "Guys I have news. I submitted to my parents wishes. I am getting married to some girl they have chosen for me."
Boy's best friend: "I'll go book hotel rooms for the bachelor party"

123 - Endorsement suggestions for Rahul Dravid

And there goes my chance of getting an autograph and a photo with my favourite cricketer Rahul Dravid. Unlessss...I do a photo bomb like the guy in the last panel!

122 - Not reachable

If you were delayed because you are in danger, you can blink your left eye as many times as the 4th Fibonacci number, with one leg off the ground and signal me.
If you are not in danger, I need you to speak to your parents immediately on this satellite phone.

121 - Storytime with Sachin Tendulkar (Year 2071)

"Grandpa, you have so many stories, when will you run out of them?"
"I have enough to go for at least one more year."

Last year:
"Grandpa, your stories are getting stale"
"I will let my mouth do the talking."

Next year's story:
"There was a guy called Chethan Sharma. He did well all his life, but gave away a last ball boundary once to concede the match"
"WOW grandpa, where have they built his statue?"

Happy Deepavali everyone :)

120 - A clean broswer

"Ok, gimme a few seconds to shut down all my 4 applications and restart first"
"Master, I'm never leaving."

Next spring cleaning, I'm closing firefox without choosing the "Save and quit" option.
33 news articles. 18 wikipedia articles. 40+stackexchange and other fora. Wait, cancel that. Always save and quit.

119 - Sri Sri Hogeswamy part 2 - Hogeswamy's once in a time time wish

"Sorry son, some wishes can't come true, can you just ask for something else? Like Megan Fox?"
"Ok, I want you to put Miley Cyrus' tongue back inside her mouth."
Click here to read Part 1  #109 - Sri Sri Hogeswamy I - The enlightenment

118 - A habitable sun

"Screw this. Come let's go watch a pole dance."
(The sun's magnetic poles flip at the end of an 11 year cycle)
#Physics #Astronomy #Geology #Weird #PoleDance


Happy Dasara!!!!!!!!
(Yesterday was Ayudha Puje? Did you all worship your tools? )

117 - Publicly shared pictures

Smart man's burden: Telling people their public photos might end up on a porn site or worse, AS A MEME!!

116 - Trolling NSA

"So far, we have managed to figure out that '*' stands for a full stop or even a new line character."

*Sigh* One look at my comics and they will reject my visa straightaway. I'm never stepping on American soil.

115 - Dhoom 3

SMS plot spoiler: In the end, Aamir Khan takes off his mask and it turns out he is Hrithik Roshan,
who in in turn takes off his second mask and turns out to be John Abraham.
He finally commits suicide by jumping into Kengeri river.
(So this time, you can now be sure he is dead)

"This year will end with tears in the eyes."

114 - Dreamer Gandhi

"He even assured me that he would give up his personal dreams for me."

Here is a killer paradox as a bonus for you. I call it "The pappu paradox":
Rahul Gandhi's dream for the whole country is to sacrifice all his dreams to the poor people. 
So can he fulfill his dream?

113 - The friendzone

The plus side is, you are never short of people to sit with and whine "Nice guys always finish last!" and then you all get together write funny poems about chicks for your college skit show.

For the record:
Psst. If you look at my copyright declaration. My name is not very far from her.

111 - The girlfriend's dad

I have a feeling this is either a very good start or a very very bad one.

And as you are reading this strip with one leg off the ground:-
The mentioned song and the translation.

110 - Character defining hats

"I just want to wear it to the party, my best friend 'i ' is gonna be there"
"Your stories about your imaginary friends are too complex for me. Spare me the trouble
and let me knit on my rocking chair in peace."

109 - Sri Sri Hogeswamy I - The enlightenment

"Pssst. If you listen to Pink Floyd, I can make you fly over rainbow coloured mountains"
"No thanks! I already did that during my college days."

To be cont'd..

107 - Religion

"Well, from The big bang until the Neanderthals it was Legend-effin-ary.
Man was an epic fail"

We continue to wage war on evil men instead of on what makes men evil

106 - Desire - Do you know what you want?

Yes yes, the man and his 'desire' lived happily ever after.
No no, it doesn't mean learning to play the guitar or gardening will solve your problems.

105 - The salaried middle class

The two people in the middle are just doing their 'excercise' duty to the social infrastructure.

104 - A robot politician


103 - Blind dates

"In fact, if I get the contrast, hue and saturation right on my next pic, you will fall head over heels for me.
And oh yes...you don't wanna go through the tagged pics."

This one is dedicated to the bears - Anusha & Mooseman, for their lovely gift with which, this comic was made.


Thank you!
It was a little slow in the beginning, I pushed it around the field, but then it started to come on when the wicket settled nicely and it was pretty easy scoring then on wards.

99 - Introducing female friends

...and I'm told "This is Savitha she is like my bhaabi" is not a very good idea either

98 - Cementing outcomes

"Your son-in-law was involved in this 'incident' sir"
"Oh him. He is just a relative by marriage. Don't connect him to me"

97 - Cosmopolitan - How do you define a Bangalorean?

Bengaluru has a warm heart (partly because of the emissions), all are welcome.

For the record:
I tried adding a 'namma' in their somewhere. Honest.

95 - Situation Gambhir

Waiting for SRK to give a gap of too many months and say
"I regret that Gambhir and Bisla sledged Rahul"
Bahut hin Gambhir awasta hain. (Hindi)

93 - Ending on a high Vs Gayle

We all did.
Gayleminator. RGV is preparing a script for the movie.

92 - Bikes, rides, weekends and home

"Where my life is busy and the schedule is dizzy, oh won't you please take me home?"

89 - Khan fan Venn diagram

Bebo is apparently very upset with me over this Venn diagram.

On that note, very appropriately:
Happy April FOOL's day

88 - Michael Clarke's back problem

Journo: "Well, that sounds bad. Anyway, did you finalise your '3points for bettering the team' ? "
Arthur: "Yes, 1)When you are playing badly, don't drop your best players. 2) See point 1 3)See point 2 "

87 - Farmville promos

Farmville 3 invite from my friend Candy: "Hey you,  come join me in my farm and milk away"

86 - Crime or disease?

1992 - Year church apologised to Galileo(1564-1642) | 3013 - The year the church apologises for pedophilia

On that note:
Happy Saint Patrick's Day, 
everyone's Irish today!

85 - Sir Ravindra Jadeja school of fielding

"And remember to style up. Cool hair and goggles. Otherwise selectors won't remember you when they sit down for selection."

84 - Oscar goes to

I'm starting an online petition urging Desmond Nair to announce the verdict this way. (If found guilty..or maybe even not)

83 - How I feel after giving directions

"Maybe I should pretend to walk until he goes away. He might bite me if I upset him."

82 - Rejected party symbol

"We had to reject your suggestion. Mainly because our party doesn't agree with the capitalistic approach the government has taken towards export of Mangoes."

81 - Guess the game and solve the puzzle

Bhinner bhil get mercy

Also on that morbid note -
Happy Valentine's day 
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