116 - Trolling NSA

"So far, we have managed to figure out that '*' stands for a full stop or even a new line character."

*Sigh* One look at my comics and they will reject my visa straightaway. I'm never stepping on American soil.

115 - Dhoom 3

SMS plot spoiler: In the end, Aamir Khan takes off his mask and it turns out he is Hrithik Roshan,
who in in turn takes off his second mask and turns out to be John Abraham.
He finally commits suicide by jumping into Kengeri river.
(So this time, you can now be sure he is dead)

"This year will end with tears in the eyes."

114 - Dreamer Gandhi

"He even assured me that he would give up his personal dreams for me."

Here is a killer paradox as a bonus for you. I call it "The pappu paradox":
Rahul Gandhi's dream for the whole country is to sacrifice all his dreams to the poor people. 
So can he fulfill his dream?

113 - The friendzone

The plus side is, you are never short of people to sit with and whine "Nice guys always finish last!" and then you all get together write funny poems about chicks for your college skit show.

For the record:
Psst. If you look at my copyright declaration. My name is not very far from her.
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