46 - Sex on the cricket field

"You could have just asked me to go away"  "Yeah, but this was more fun."

45 - Three stooges of love

Note: If you want to restart the cycle there are approx 3 litres of Vodka / 40 litres of beer / 170 shots of tequila (based on your choice of liquor) that are separating the 'post-break' and 'single' stooges.

44 - Employment

On a vacation "I have way too much potential to be getting sloshed in Goa and pretend I went to Vegas"

43 - Good programming practices

"I think I will look at the bright side, I didn't wanna code with my top down anyway"

42 - Insomnia

"I waited 7 hours to fall asleep. Then I lost hope. I thought about my family, my mother, my father, my girlfriend, they were all sleeping so soundly and I was all alone. For the first time in my life, I broke down and started crying....*sob*  *sob*  Excuse me *sob* for *sob* a moment, this is too tough for me to recollect."

For the record:
No offense to the individuals who appear on the actual show. Have nothing but respect for them for coming out stronger through their ordeals.
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