78 - Injurious to health

Cancer 1 - Cinema 0

For the record:
I would have gladly mentioned the 1001 harmful effects of smoking tobacco and how it causes cancer before slow, painful and lonely death, but then you would just avoid reading my comics - so I won't!

77 - Go green

Have you planted your one tree for this lifetime yet?

76 - No more business as usual

Ornab: "Why? Why? WHY THIS HIKE? Let me put this question across to Admiral Javed who has joined us from Karachi as I say 'why' 15 more times spraying my saliva all our studio."

75 - Indian Mars exploration program

No! Neither Skullcandy nor Alienware paid me any money for the 3rd panel.

For the record:
If you are wondering why this comic is what it is, you should be following CNN international who is one of the many international news agencies that have taken a keen interest in India's latest developments. And yes, something to be actually proud of - the mars exploration announcement is real!

72 - Sweeping changes to Team India announced

"And if everything fails, I will personally get ICC to alter their rules to allow foreign players in national teams so that I can bring in Mike Hussey , Bollinger, Bravo and few others."

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