33 - Peter Parker and the wise man

"Whoohoow man...that is like...Deeeep bro!! Peace!"

Let that be a lesson to y'all young wanna-be stoners!

32 - Dirty picture

Also in the directive, we have been asked to blur his mouth and play 50 Cents at loud volume in the background to drown out Kohli's words.

31 - Between you me and the whole wide world

"Who told you and why can't people mind their own business? Why is everybody so obsessed with me?"

29 - Feeding techiques

"And who should I call if he refuses to take a bath? Whitney Houston's house maid? Gotcha!"

28 - Red pill blue pill

"If you can still hear me, the red pill was a laxative and it might be kickin in now. You might wanna take it easy!"

Happy April fools day everyone!! :)
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