125 - Forced marriages

Boy: "Guys I have news. I submitted to my parents wishes. I am getting married to some girl they have chosen for me."
Boy's best friend: "I'll go book hotel rooms for the bachelor party"

123 - Endorsement suggestions for Rahul Dravid

And there goes my chance of getting an autograph and a photo with my favourite cricketer Rahul Dravid. Unlessss...I do a photo bomb like the guy in the last panel!

122 - Not reachable

If you were delayed because you are in danger, you can blink your left eye as many times as the 4th Fibonacci number, with one leg off the ground and signal me.
If you are not in danger, I need you to speak to your parents immediately on this satellite phone.

121 - Storytime with Sachin Tendulkar (Year 2071)

"Grandpa, you have so many stories, when will you run out of them?"
"I have enough to go for at least one more year."

Last year:
"Grandpa, your stories are getting stale"
"I will let my mouth do the talking."

Next year's story:
"There was a guy called Chethan Sharma. He did well all his life, but gave away a last ball boundary once to concede the match"
"WOW grandpa, where have they built his statue?"

Happy Deepavali everyone :)
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