83 - How I feel after giving directions

"Maybe I should pretend to walk until he goes away. He might bite me if I upset him."

82 - Rejected party symbol

"We had to reject your suggestion. Mainly because our party doesn't agree with the capitalistic approach the government has taken towards export of Mangoes."

81 - Guess the game and solve the puzzle

Bhinner bhil get mercy

Also on that morbid note -
Happy Valentine's day 

80 - Iron Man remade in Hindi

"So what did you like most about this script that you decided to remake it in Hindi?"
"The part with the box office collection. Didn't read anything besides that."
In collaboration with makers of Jab tak hain jaan.

79 - Democracy and protests

And might I add, in the second panel (Type 2), the second protester is the media (adding fuel to fire),
while the third(far right), is a politician who uses the confusion for personal gains and settling scores.

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