71 - Smartphones - War of the fanboys 2012

And then there is also Googl€
(that made a fragmented OS, so that $am$ung could install it on the chip design it stole from App£e)

I wish an awesome-ass year 2013 for you all :)
Happy new year.

70 - Only way Romney could have won

I got the idea for this one during the run up to the elections - just couldn't post it soon enough. Yes, I was that sure.

69 - Peter Jackson at 48 frames per second

"Peter, you say that for everything. I'm afraid you are making a hobbit out of it."

All said and done:
1)Perhaps some of you didn't find this one funny, but at 48 frames per second - you would!
2)Put funda for the Yin Yang.

67 - Rajni goes sailing

"Just as scientists gloat about their predictions over the implications of global warming on the climate, a sharp spike in temperatures across NY to Florida have been recorded."

66 - Sachin's slump

Nosey Journo: "Sachin say something new!" Sachin: "That too is upto my bat..." *takes bat and hits it on journos head - THUNK* "..there you go!"

For the record: My heart goes out to both of them. Tough to be surrounded by idiots who are constantly telling you what to do. Fingers crossed for Kolkata.
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