88 - Michael Clarke's back problem

Journo: "Well, that sounds bad. Anyway, did you finalise your '3points for bettering the team' ? "
Arthur: "Yes, 1)When you are playing badly, don't drop your best players. 2) See point 1 3)See point 2 "

87 - Farmville promos

Farmville 3 invite from my friend Candy: "Hey you,  come join me in my farm and milk away"

86 - Crime or disease?

1992 - Year church apologised to Galileo(1564-1642) | 3013 - The year the church apologises for pedophilia

On that note:
Happy Saint Patrick's Day, 
everyone's Irish today!

85 - Sir Ravindra Jadeja school of fielding

"And remember to style up. Cool hair and goggles. Otherwise selectors won't remember you when they sit down for selection."

84 - Oscar goes to

I'm starting an online petition urging Desmond Nair to announce the verdict this way. (If found guilty..or maybe even not)

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