120 - A clean broswer

"Ok, gimme a few seconds to shut down all my 4 applications and restart first"
"Master, I'm never leaving."

Next spring cleaning, I'm closing firefox without choosing the "Save and quit" option.
33 news articles. 18 wikipedia articles. 40+stackexchange and other fora. Wait, cancel that. Always save and quit.

119 - Sri Sri Hogeswamy part 2 - Hogeswamy's once in a time time wish

"Sorry son, some wishes can't come true, can you just ask for something else? Like Megan Fox?"
"Ok, I want you to put Miley Cyrus' tongue back inside her mouth."
Click here to read Part 1  #109 - Sri Sri Hogeswamy I - The enlightenment

118 - A habitable sun

"Screw this. Come let's go watch a pole dance."
(The sun's magnetic poles flip at the end of an 11 year cycle)
#Physics #Astronomy #Geology #Weird #PoleDance


Happy Dasara!!!!!!!!
(Yesterday was Ayudha Puje? Did you all worship your tools? )

117 - Publicly shared pictures

Smart man's burden: Telling people their public photos might end up on a porn site or worse, AS A MEME!!

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