65 - Talaash - Search for the profile visitors

I later found out that the profile was actually de-activated 3 years ago by three men during a bachelor's party. But its presence stayed on the net and was trying to send me signs so that it could use me to seek revenge on them.

63 - Imagination

"Did you say it's just you and me in his imagination?" "About that, he might be schizophrenic"

62 - Grammar Nazi : Invites

"Na bro..wait, is it ok to say bro? Will that be disgusting now? Like Incesty?"
Statisticians predict a sharp decline in the number of invites I receive from this day forth, especially from those irritated that this strip didn't make any sense.

61 - Cockney

I tried to come up with another (good) original CRS for this caption, but was completely shoestring as to what, so settled for this bad one.
For the record:-
ctrl + a

Shoestring ->  shoelace -> Clueless 
(Yeah yeah, I know I know! I told you I settled for a bad one.)
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